A Special Gift for Valentine’s Day

The Legend

💘Saint Valentine’s Day, held on February 14th, is universally the Lovers’ Day; but few people know its origin or legends.
One of these narrates that one day Saint Valentine heard passing, beyond his garden, two young lovers who were arguing. He decided to meet them with a magnificent rose in his hand and gave it to them asking them to reconcile while holding the stem of the rose together, taking care not to prick themselves and praying that the Lord would keep their love alive forever. Some time later, the young couple returned to him to invoke the blessing of their marriage. The story spread and the inhabitants began to go on pilgrimage by the bishop of Terni on the 14th of each month.
The 14th of each month became the day dedicated to blessings, but the date was restricted to the 14th of February because on that day, in 273, Saint Valentine died.

For Valentine’s Day, instead of the overseen chocolates or classic roses, gift your Valentine an exciting photoshoot for true lovers! A lovely walk of 2/3 hours in the streets of Rome to immortalize your special day and why not a proposal, just like Giovanna e Francesco did. Contact us for information and booking, we are looking forward to meeting you!A San Valentino regalatevi un'emozione con Lovebirds Photo