Passionate about photography but of different subjects and themes originally, we immediately agreed on a topic: marriages are unique events that contain in themselves love, art, harmony and emotions; all those things that really make beat our hearts.

We tell your events, whether it’s a couple’s anniversary session or Valentine’s Day, a surprise engagement with happiness tears or wonderful weddings, putting in all our wisdom, technique and creativity, but also and above all: our heart.

We will accompany you on this photographic journey that will take you to the wedding/engagement day and we will guide you with our utmost knowledge, experience and art. We will remain at your side throughout the day in a discreet and unobtrusive way to capture the imperceptible details as well as of course the most important and beautiful moments that can never be missed.

the wedding

our concept of photography
Our style is that of reportage. We are omnipresent, we capture moments, just discreetly. We want to create a real experience for our couples, who in the whole process become more than just clients. We become friends. It is important for us to establish a bond of trust with you.
let's create magic
For us, photos are one of those few things on which it makes sens so spend money for the wedding day (in addition to the cake, of course!); and for this we always guarantee high quality. Our service - which does not include a precise number of photographs, guarantees at least 300 of the best (chosen by us), edited and post-produced pictures, together with the gallery on the site and a personal page for the spouses. In addition, we include a photo album (about 50-55 pages whose photos are at the discretion of the couple) that is handmade in Italy.


The engagement photo shootings are the perfect opportunity for future brides and grooms to get comfortable in front of the camera in view of their big day. Furthermore, it is the best occasion to know better the people who will photograph your big day, their style and what to expect from them on your wedding!

We will be happy to immortalize your wedding proposals, we promise to be great “partners in crime” to organize the surprise! Also, we will be glad to approach with you the day of your wedding.

Also, we do love great couple photosessions after the wedding too! Whether for an anniversary or just an occasion to take some time for yourselves, we will love to photograph you! Write us for an appointment!

*spread the love*

  • Max 2 hours photo shooting in location to define together;
  • 1 or 2 photographs coverage (at the discretion of the studio);
  • About 40 post-worked photographs in high quality;
  • Access to a private gallery on our website.

It is only in the mysterious
equations of love
that any logic
or reasons
can be found.
I am only here tonight
because of you.”

(A Beatufiul Mind)

Our Extra Services

You can also add some sparkle to your packages by choosing some of our EXTRA SERVICES:

  • Amazing aerial photographs taken with a professional drone piloted by an ENAC-certified SAPR operator (Italian Civil Aviation Authority);
  • Extra photos besides those included in our packages;
  • Photo albums and photo books for your relatives and parents, minialbums, Fine Art prints;
  • More USB keys that come in a wonderful personalized box;
  • And anything else you wish for! We are available to discuss any kind of personalized quote!
    Please contact us. We will be happy to answer and meet you!