our philosophy

Whether outdoors in a forest or in the mountains, in the alleys of our city, at home or on the shore, we will accompany you anywhere to tell your story. We want to become friends, so for this we believe that it is important that you understand how we reason, how we work, how we will tell your story.

faith, at the base

it's not only about photographying

For us, getting to know you and being your photographer on your wedding day is more than just taking pictures of you. The preparation must be reciprocal: for our part, we must know what to expect, but it is equally obvious that you too, know what to expect if you choose us.

Our style will never be that of a set and rigid photography; we want to show you as you are, in your naturalness and genuineness.

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We will never pose you rigidly, nor will we give you “bizarre” or unnatural indications. Maybe a little crazy, yes, but never anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. We want you to be with us as you are in everyday life, among you.

what we offer


The engagement is one of our favorite moments, without a doubt. Whether it’s a surprise proposal or an already engaged couple photoshoot, the engagement photoshoot gives us the chance to get to know you better before the wedding, and for you to be less embarrassed when the big day finally arrives. Therefore you will only have to think about having fun and enjoying your moment with light-heartedness.
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The engagement in the broadest sense, can also be considered as a simple couple session: you may be on vacation in Rome, on your honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast, or celebrating your  anniversary in Venice!

We will accompany you and together we will create fantastic memories – and photographs – to immortalize your relationship at that exact moment.

what we offer


The wedding is THE best day of your life par excellence (perhaps only the arrival of your children can overdo it) we will grant you this. On the day of the “I do”, it is only you, you are the protagonists, surrounded by the people you care about the most and who love you back, who want to see you happy. It is the feeling that you want to recall when, years later, browsing the album, you will look back at the photos of your wedding. We believe in the printed photographs, we are oldschool on this: for us, to see old photos represent privileged moments, do not you think?

For your wedding we offer our total availability for the event itself, starting from when you get ready, then the first look that we adore! We will of course cover the ceremony and the reception. We guarantee a minimum number of photographs delivered (350), but we can not tell you in advance if there will be 350, 400 or 460 in the USB key. It will be a surprise for you, as much as for us until the delivery 🙂
If you are adventurous spirits, let’s challenge the mountains, the hills, let’s go and discover the world together.

the perfect location for you

Are you a sparkling couple, a little crazy, do you like spontaneity and a great hike outdoors? Are you rather reserved and romantic, do you prefer to wander through the narrow cobblestoned alleys? Well, anyway, we’ll get along very well! We’ve already said this, but we want to become friends, not only show up with the camera around the neck on the day of the shooting. We want to know you first, your style, your passions and choose together the location that best suits your needs.

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