One year of Lovebirds Photo

3 January 2019

Happy birthday

the first year of lovebirds

Today we celebrate our first anniversary : one year of Lovebirds Photo! Can you tell? Already?! We are so happy, completely overwhelmed and all over the place.

We often get asked if we are sisters, and we allways laught at it; not that it is a bad idea, it’s just that no, we are not. We look alike because of our blue eyes and a Eastern looks. That is actually not by chance: half of us is Hungarian – Rita, and the other half, Silvia has origins from Slovenia. Probably that georgraphic closeness brought us to have similar visions about our work and passion.

Just a year ago, Lovebirds Photo was nothing more than an idea: popped up on new year’s eve of 2017/18, while we were trying to warm up sitting by the fireplace, we registered our website just a couple days later, just the necessary time to figure out our name, you know. Find our identity. Today we can proudly say that we have found it, and it is continuously evolving. All of our skills are getting better and better. We have found our voice, in Rome, and are trying to spread it all over the country, and over the world.

If we would say it was an easy year, we would be lying. It has been tough, a lot of work put in and that much effort as well, but we could not be more satisfied. In 365 days we achieved a lot, we met a lot of amazing couples from all around the world and we are looking forward to an even brighter 2019 to bring us more friends, more laughs and more lovely moments to capture. We had 21 awesome couples in front of our lenses, from those 3 were weddings. We started in January with Giovanna and Francesco, and ended with Diego and Sophia on the 29 December. From 0 to more than 1000 followers on Instagram, this journey is a blast and it is thanks to all of you.

It was such a full year: of work, of early wake ups, of sunsets, of editing, of smiles and laughs; and we are truly planning on having our calendars even more booked this year and the years to come. Thank you for your support and love, it means the world to us. And the photos above are just some of our many favorites. 

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