“Pure art is to create a suggestive magic which contains both subject and object, the external world and the artist himself.”

Charles Baudelaire

we are

Lovebirds Photo is a creative duo of young photographers looking for the perfect moments that represent your most important day. Silvia and Rita combine passion with genuineness and they will accompany you in every step to capture and fix all the unforgettable memories with a spontaneous and creative vision. The two photographers merge professionalism and a recognizable style.

The final product will be a photographic report of high quality able to capture in the smallest details the emotions of your event, telling your story the best way possible without neglecting the artistic side.

We are located in Rome but we will love to travel, we are available in Italy and abroad! And last but not least, in 2, we fluently speak 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and Hungarian!

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Silvia Poropat

born in Rome, Italy on the 24, March

3 words that best decribe my photography
Detailed ~ Delicate ~ Genuine

3 things I love
Cats ~ Herbal Tea ~ Copybooks of all kinds

My bucket list destinations
Norway ~ Braies Lake

born in Budapest, Hungary on the 30, April

3 words that best describe my photography
Emotionful ~ Spontaneous ~ Wanderer

3 things I love
My dogs ~ Tangerines ~ Plants and succulents

My bucket list destinations
Iceland ~ Yosemite Park

Rita Foldi

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