who we are

We don’t know each other, yet. But in our plans there is the enthusiasm to meet new people, and among these, why not meet you who are reading us right now?

How did our adventure begin?
Well, to tell the truth, a bit like yours:
with a proposal!

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Although there were no ring involved, the intent was similar: we wanted to put our forces together, to create something fantastic and lasting photos for the future. It was a late December 2017 evening, when talking about our photographic works and our passion for photography in front of a fireplace (romantic, right? Yes, and in the meantime our significant others were checking the barbecue: P),  we looked at each other and almost in unison, we said to ourselves: “Why don’t we work together?” The answer was automatic and undoubted: “yes”!

Best crew ever

the duo

Let’s make a deal: tell us about yourself so that we, too, can tell your story as you are. Of course, trust must be bilateral, so we want to reveal some things about ourselves!

1/2 lovebirds
  • I love anything that contains pumpkin!
  • I only wear black socks, there are no other socks in my drawer (and I have a phobia about white socks to be honest: '))
  • My absolute favorite holiday is Christmas, wherever in the world I might find myself, I will always come home to celebrate it with my family
  • I have visited more than 15 different countries, but I have never been outside Europe (and I hope to do so very soon)
  • At university they taught me to make and bind various types of books completely by hand, starting from a pile of folded white sheets.
1/2 lovebirds
  • I have 2 very cool Jack Russells, but I can't wait to have other dogs too and run together in the woods
  • I took the first international flight when I was 1 and learned to walk on the steps of the Parthenon in Athens
  • I'm a fan of tangerines and raspberries! Especially if it's on my birthday cake! bring on the raspberries!
  • I'm a series-junkie, I love the TV series * netflix * and I watch a lot of them, in a row, practically I do whole marathons. binge watching is my thing
  • I learned how to build internet sites by myself looking at online tutorials. I have a lot of fun arguing with html and css codes
ok, but

what do we have in comun?

Sunday Outdoors_Rita Foldi Photo-26

As you already have understood, we are very different, but in reality, we complement each other.

Obviously there are many things that we have in common, such as the passion for photography, and for love stories. But beyond that, we also:

  • have both blue eyes
  • truly love, love tea! at any hour of the day
  • both shoot Nikon 🙂
  • used to go horseback riding
  • have we already said we love love'stories?
silvia gatto

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